Trade, Services and Research

Market Research

Are you thinking of establishing your business abroad and need some initial research? Not a problem! We can help you with that. Save time, reduce cost - let us organise it for you. We will find you dedicated research specialists who will bring you an unbiased approach to identifying the research you need to make effective strategic decisions. We can work in all areas including: market research (UK and Baltic States market research services, including branding, advertising and new product/services development), employee research (staff and employee surveys, 360° feedback, internal communication research), customer retention management (full range of customer experience research services, including key benefit analysis, customer satisfaction tracking and mystery shopping) etc.


Plan for your future and realize business productivity today. Baltic Link is a unique company which gives you an opportunity to reach full potential as an individual, a team and as a business. Come to us and we will provide you with a business consultation in a variety of areas. This can be technical, management, cost, price and related areas. Experts are available in all disciples to help guide the customer when additional support is needed. Outsourcing this type of work makes logical sense due to the frequency of need.

Legal Advice

Baltic Link can help you to learn your legal rights on the territory of Baltic States or United Kingdom . Accidents, injuries and damages; criminal law; estate planning; family law, child custody and divorce; employment law; real estate law; bankruptcy law; financial law; general practice; immigration law; insurance law; intellectual property; litigation; tax law; government law; etc … Let us know what you need and we will find you the best suitable lawyer or solicitor.


Interested in investing finances into Baltic States or United Kingdom ? Let our company to help you with that - competitive advantage in research, innovative methodology, distinctive research products and consulting expertise, new developments and off-plan property, real estate investment, financial projects, shares etc. We can also find for you investment analytics who will provide independent research focusing on applications of sophisticated mathematical and financial modelling techniques to problems of strategy development and repair, performance analysis and risk management for clients in the investment management industry in Baltic States and United Kingdom.


For example if you are planning to open a factory on the territory of Baltic States or United Kingdom and need somebody to be in charge of production and be in control of legal, financial and communication matters our company is what you need. Our highly dedicated and skilled team of motivated individuals will help you to make sure that your new venture is successful.


Whether you want to export or import, sell or buy something or subcontract to us any kind of services. Our company is where you need to give a call. We can find you what you are looking form or get you somebody who might be interested in what you offer. We provide companies and private individuals with a portal to information that will support them in their development of their export and import strategies, enhancing their creativity, economic competitiveness and international collaboration. We put buyers in contact with sellers, arrange shipment and necessary paperwork. In business it is essential to have information you need, when you need it. So if it is a business partnership you are after, a quality product or services at a competitive price, an invaluable insight, or perhaps an opportunity arising from our company, you have come to the right place.

Our well known advantages are – flexibility, understanding and cost effectiveness!